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Italian Organic Oil in Bottle 500ml

Il nostro Olio Bio è l'ideale per crudité
Il nostro Olio Bio è l'ideale per crudité

Italian Organic Oil in Bottle 500ml

Obtained from certified organically grown olives from our farm (7ha). Light-medium fruitiness, 2022/2023 vintage.
COLD EXTRACTED, filtered and stored away from light, oxygen and heat sources.



Our Organic extra virgin olive oil respects the environment and our beloved Italy. It is made from Italian olives sourced exclusively from certified organic farming. It was created to meet the needs of all lovers of certified products obtained in respect of our land.

Orto degli Ulivi organic Italian olive oil is bright green in color with golden highlights. With a smooth and delicate taste, it is recommended for seasoning delicate dishes. Because of the high quality with which it is produced and its delicate notes, our BIO Italian Oil is particularly suitable for children’s nutrition, a food that protects and cares for the health of our bodies and minds.


Try it in the Italian tradition!

  • The Fett’unta
  • Pasta and Chickpeas with EVO Oil

A few pictures where our Italian Organic Oil is produced

The very high quality of our products originates in respect for the environment and nature in which we live. When we arrived at the Olive Garden, we gave ourselves a very simple complito, to become the custodians of an environment and a way of life that was as in harmony with nature as possible. The product we obtain in this part of Italy is the natural consequence of our daily work in close contact with the soils and plants that reciprocate with these exceptional flavors that make ours not one of the many Oils produced in Italy but the most precious of them.

Organic Oils produced in Italy are better

Experience the fresh and bold essence of the best Italian oil. Our organic oil, produced entirely in Italy with the highest quality standards, captures the distinct flavor of this legendary region. With a delicate yet complex smell and taste, you will savor every moment as you savor each sip. The unique blend of real Italian cultivars such as frantoio, moraiolo and leccino adds an unmistakable oak-like herbaceous richness unmatched elsewhere. Experience only the best of Italy with our Italian organic oil-the true luxury of life!

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Weight 0,7 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 20 cm



steel bottle


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